The doorway to discovery and healing is through truth in our stories.

RECLAIM is a program for men to tell their stories of sexual harm, trauma or abuse fostering discovery, truth, and healing. We invite you to join with other men in a safe and facilitated retreat environment to begin the “retelling” of your story to enable your own healing process.

The curriculum, format, and processes for this retreat/workshop have been developed over several years of experience and education.

We welcome you at any point in your journey.

About Reclaim

Why this Retreat?

Although the statistics tell us that 1 in 6 men have suffered abuse, trauma, and/or harm, there are few places for men to be with others to see, understand, and share their stories and to gain acceptance and understanding.

We live in a society where men are often raised and taught to believe that we are sexually powerful – however there is a lot of shame in dealing with past or present experiences where we have been overpowered, manipulated, coerced, humiliated, or led into a harmful or traumatic abuse – and so we don’t talk about it.

Mission Statement

  • Dispel the shame and isolation that come as a result of sexual trauma – you are not alone.
  • Create support systems and self care strategies for continuing healing.
  • Reveal God’s story for us – in the midst of our pain, God is sovereign and loves us.
  • Reclaim is a program specifically for men to tell their stories to enable discovery, truth and healing from sexual harm or abuse.

What to Expect

The environment will be wrapped in safety, support, connection, and confidentiality. Some of our stories may never have been told—and we ask that you begin the journey by sharing what is possible to share. Giving you the gift of your own story and what you know (even if it is not entirely clear) gives the opportunity to dispel the secrets and the shame you may carry. There will be processing time within group and with the individual facilitators along with reflection, conversation. This is a place of acceptance and understanding.

Our Team

Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson received his Masters in Social Work from Loyola Chicago University’s School of Social Work, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. For over 30 years Scott has worked with men, women and couples in a variety of settings. Scott has a focus working with men dealing with interpersonal issues and relational concerns.

Scott completed advanced certification in Trauma and Abuse from the Allender Center in Seattle, WA. and has extensive experience helping individuals dealing with childhood trauma and abuse. He is currently completing an externship with the Allender Center. Scott sees himself as your partner in understanding the challenges in your life and bringing intention and direction to therapy. His direct, yet compassionate style will challenge you to optimal growth. His transparency and practical advice have placed him in high demand as a speaker.

Scott is a published author, leads both coed and men’s groups and facilitates weekend therapy retreats. Scott has his own private practice ( in Barrington, IL. Scott is married with three sons and enjoys running and competing in AKC dog agility competitions with his Border Terrier dogs Scout & Pip.

Kary Miller

Kary is in private practice counseling and has 25 years of deep expertise and experience with men’s issues, developing, leading and facilitating retreats and transformational weekend workshops. He is certified with the Seattle School of Psychology-Allender Center for Abuse and Trauma and has a heart for working with men who have suffered from trauma and abuse, and specifically sexual harm and the resulting PTSD. Kary also holds a certification for Sexual Addiction Therapy.

Kary has a Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, an undergraduate degree in Organizational Leadership from Trinity University, and attended Indiana University for an undergraduate degree in Music Education. He is co-founder of “RECLAIM” a weekend workshop developed to mentor and guide men who have wounds from unwanted sexual experiences, sexual trauma or sexual abuse.

Along with counseling, Kary continues his work in the corporate arena, consulting with organizations and executives across the U.S. and Europe. ( He works with family businesses and corporations to develop next generations for leadership, and strategic planning, and cultural transformation. His focus is on coaching/consulting with senior executives and leadership teams towards individual and team effectiveness, and organizational strategic initiatives.

David Cooper

David Cooper is a man whose heart and life is guided by a compass set for Truth and Beauty.

He has been doing 'his work' for over a decade and is an alumni participant of Reclaim.

He has a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in Intercultural Studies. He has completed a certificate on The Science of Emotional Intelligence from the Institute for Health and Human Potential, Intercultural Intelligence training with Knowledge Workx, completed the 2021 Sexual Attachment Conference with Adam Young & Jay Stringer, and is currently getting certified in Level 1 Narrative Trauma Care with the Allender Center.

David gets amped in helping others peer under the surface of their own river stories so they too can enjoy a more integrated, body-present life. He brings a listening, curious posture animated with fierceness, insight and tenderness.


Registration Process

The experience and content of the Reclaim program is impactful and unique. Care is taken in the application and selection process of each man that will attend in order to ensure the best “fit” for all participants.

To be notified of the next available retreat, please email

Next Retreat

November 3-6, 2022

Michigan City, IN

Review Costs &

Cost $1,295
Early Bird Discount (45 days in advance): $1,195
Returning Participants: $1,150

Fees include lodging and most meals.

$300 deposit required, payment in full due four weeks prior to the start of the retreat.

Refunds, Cancellations and Financial Assistance (scholarship) will be considered on an individual basis.

COVID Policy

Because the nature of this retreat will be best experienced in person and unmasked, we are asking ALL participants regardless of vaccination status to acknowledge a negative PCR covid test prior to the retreat.

Register & Submit
Application Form

Complete initial questions and send a non-refundable $300 deposit via Stripe link below to reserve your spot.

Final payment will be due four weeks prior to the weekend (an email with final balance will be sent). For any questions, please email

Registration Steps (in either order):



You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and will also be contacted by one of our facilitators to discuss more of your goals and assess the best fit for you in this program.


Scott and Kary are good men. The word ‘good’ can be read as a middling compliment—it is not. It is an assessment of their character, gifting, passion, commitment and heart for Jesus. They are men whose goodness rings like a clarion call to life. They are kind, bold, and wise men who know how to speak to the deepest parts of our heart to expose our brokenness and invite us to the glory of redemption. They are honest, true to the heart, and kind. If you want to grow, these men have walked the dark paths in their own lives, and with many others, and they will walk with you into a goodness that is worth all the struggle. They are dear friends.

Dan B. Allender, Ph.D

Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President
The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology